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Gye Nyame Comb Earrings

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  • Gye Nyame Comb Earrings

• African Symbol Earrings
•18k Gold Plated
• Stainless Steel
• No Tarnishing, rusting, or fading
• Size: 0.748 x 1.417 Inches
• Lightweight and comfortable

Gye Nyame, meaning “except for God,” It signifies the all-knowing power of God and how we are held in the hands of God.

If you look closely at the symbol you can see that it shows a person inside of a hand.

Gye Nyame indicates the recognition of the supremacy of God over all beings, and therefore is the one that is feared and revered by all.

Represent your Black Culture, your Roots, and show how proud you are!


  • Gye Nyame Comb Earrings
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